Join us on an experience beyond the usual. We are like you dedicated fly fishermen and we like flowing water. Västerdalälven is a fantastic fly fishing river with shorter flowing lots of calm flowering pearls.

We glide in a nature that sometimes feels like in Alaska. As we enter the Nature Reserve at Hälla, it starts to be really interesting. The river becomes a landscape with a wealth of islands and places where the fish are comfortable and rarely seen a fly.

Here we go ashore and explore the streams on foot. We use the pontoon boats as we glide in the stream, always with the flypost ready. We fish both from the boat and make beach sharks during the day always with a chance to catch a harrow and trout. Every year we catch large trout and trout on the route we fish.

Number of participants: 1-3

Prerequisites: None

Location: Sälen

Price Number of people:

1 per 3995 SEK / pers
2 per 2500 SEK / pers
3 pers 2000 SEK / pers

Included in price – Fishing license – Pontoon boat – Food (lunch) – Guide

Time: Contact us. We reorganize our activities in hunting and fishing. For latest news about which packages may be relevant during the current season, contact us.


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