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We now offer you an exclusive moose adventure. This means that you as a hunter go with the dog driver and may join when the dog is released in search of elk. This form of hunting means that your chances of moose increase considerably more than sitting on moose passes.

Once the dog has managed to locate moose, it starts exciting. The dog sets the elk with a stand shack, you and the dog driver are starting to slowly approach the dog, of course, in the right direction of the wind. The closer we become clearer, the dog’s skull is heard. Finally, you are slipping yourself into a shooting position, important now that you have a look at where the dog is. Once you have secured the dog’s position and the moose is legal, put a deep breath breath out and press.

We can also offer you hunting on moose. This form may be an even cooler experience and if we succeed in attracting a moose to a shotgun, I promise you will never forget that experience. We start the day at a high altitude on the mountain, with the binoculars scanning the mountain hills after moose. When we locate elk, we start attracting the moose as if everything goes as we want to become interested in our capillaries and approaching us. Now it’s exciting, more I do not say, but it has to be experienced.

More exciting moose does not exist, I promise you. You will be hunting with experienced guides and dogs who will do their utmost to make you succeed. Security is incredibly important something that I and my guides always put in the top room. I forgot to say that but we chase at the foot of the mountain, which means we have a fantastic frame of the adventure.

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Day 1

Arrival at Sälen accommodation and information about the following hunting days. We go through rules and approaches how to hunt. We look at maps and talk hunting. Quickly, we head to the shooting range to ensure that the weapon is running as it should and the shooter is sitting.

älg, älgjakt, jaga älg, älghund, Sälen, Jonas i Sälen, Jonas Hunting, jakt, fuglehund, skogsfågel, ripa , ripjakt, ryper, hunddressyrJonas Hunting, Jonas Fishing, Jonas jakt, fiske, älg, älgjakt, jaga i Sälen, fjällfiske, flugfiske, ripa, ripjakt, fly fishing, Sälen, Jonas i Sälen

Day 2-3

We get up early and immediately after breakfast we go out into the fields or take our Landrovers for longer transports and the hunt can begin. We will go a lot so some basic condition you must have. We break at lunch served outside in the open fire. We only use locally produced goods.
We strongly believe and want to offer a Hunting experience as a whole experience, where everything should be quality assured from guide, dog, accommodation and food. That’s why you come to us to chase.

Gattar, storstuga, konferens, konferens i Sälen, bo i Sälen, fjällkonferensstorstuga, Gattar, konferens, fjällkonferens, bo i Sälen, all inclusive

For more info and maybe you have additional requests? Do not hesitate to get in touch with us!

Email us for more information on times and prices!

Time: Contact us. We reorganize our activities in hunting and fishing. For latest news about which packages may be relevant during the current season, contact us.


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