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Forest bird hunting in Sälenfjällen with wood pillar (Autumn, winter)

Period: 25 Aug-31 Jan.
November 16th to January 31st, only peaks are legal. From dec, the snow cover is usually too deep for hunting with a dog to be carried out, then see our top-catching package.

Price example: 4000: – SEK / per day including guide and dog max 2 guests
Weekend Friday – Sunday 3 people 20 000: – SEK incl. Accommodation, food, guide and dog
Larger groups call or email for info.

The fields we hunt for in Sälen are typical fields for forest birds. The forest bird is found in the valleys where we have pine and spruce like vegetation. Marks are easily accessible and we start the day by releasing the dog in lightly hilly, sparse mountain forest with barrels and leaves. On our fields you only pursue a guide with your own dog, which always places high demands on themselves to make your experience memorable and enjoyable. For several days, we are hunting in different areas. Of course, we conserve a viable bird strain, and we are constantly looking into our fields to ensure your experience and bird’s bearing capacity. If you buy a package then we will return to the lodge where a final pleasant dinner awaits us. Before you fall asleep, think back on a nice day with us and prepare for another one.

Time: Contact us. We reorganize our activities in hunting and fishing. For latest news about which packages may be relevant during the current season, contact us.


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