Forest gamebird hunting in the Sälen mountains

Following a good night’s sleep in our exclusive chalet, you will be ready for an adventurous day of hunting. The landscape in Sälen is prime gamebird habitat. And our hunt will begin right at the edge of the gravel track. Yes, you read right – we will be driving straight into the hunting country so that we can make the most of a full day. Nevertheless, a basic level of fitness is required as we will be walking across hilly terrain. The gamebirds are found in valleys, covered in pine and spruce. We will start the day and the hunt in a slightly hilly, sparse mountain forest with coniferous and deciduous trees, where you will see your first birds. Here in Sälen, you will be hunting with an experienced guide, dedicated to making sure that your experience is memorable and enjoyable, as well as a safe one. Indeed, your personal safety is a top priority for us.

We will be hunting on 3,500 hectares of land – all of which is yours for the day. And on multi-day hunts we will be in different areas. It goes without saying that carefully nurturing sustainable gamebird strains is top of our list, and we constantly take stock of the gamebirds on our land to ensure that your hunt is a good one. At the end of the day, we will return to the lodge, where you can kick back in the whirlpool and sauna, prior to finishing up with a delectable dinner. Before falling asleep, think back over the great day you have had with us and get ready for yet another one.

Exclusive moose hunting

The Sälen mountain area comprises over 3,500 hectares of mountains, alpine forests and swamps, waiting to provide you with an unforgettable hunting experience – you will not get closer to nature than this. Let us take you on an exclusive moose hunting adventure in pristine Scandinavian mountain terrain (All in English of course).

Here it is known as a ‘one on one’ hunt. In this form of hunting, your chances of a successful hunt are significantly higher than in traditional moose hunting. One on one hunting is a top-tier product, where you will experiencing real hunting as we know it. That consists of you, the dog, the guide and the hunt. You walk alongside the dog handler. The thrill begins when the dog has tracked a moose. The dog then stands the moose at bay by barking, while you and the handler slowly start approaching the dog and moose. Finally, as you sneak into your firing position, it is important that you are aware of the location of the dog. Once you have established its position, and that you have a legal moose at hand, take a deep breath and pull the trigger.

In favourable weather conditions, we also offer moose calling/lure hunting. This form of hunting is perhaps an even cooler experience, and if we successfully manage to call a moose to range, I guarantee you an experience that you will never forget. The day starts high up in the mountains, enabling us to scout the mountain for moose. When we have spotted one, we start calling the moose to range, which if all goes as planned, will be attracted by our calling sounds and will come closer. Now the excitement begins – I won’t say any more – it simply has to be experienced.

I guarantee you won’t find moose hunting that’s more exciting than this. You will be hunting with experienced guides and Zorro the dog, a Nordic champion who will do its best to make your hunt a success. Safety is naturally incredibly important, and is prioritized by me and my guides. We also offer moose hunting for groups and will be happy to set up a suitable arrangement.

I forgot to say that we will be hunting at the foot of the mountain/in the foothills of the mountains.

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