Are you looking for trophy trout? Follow us during two intense fishing days as we fly out of Tandådalen in the pursuit of storm turmoil. We will fish in small creeks and a little bigger Älvar in our pursuit of the storm. With our experienced guides, your chances are increasing significantly. The fishes put fishermen on trial when the water is clear and the storm is shady. To put a dry fly on a two kilo of trout in a flowing water is something that has to be experienced. We live, eat and prepare ourselves well at Lodge Gattar where the service is sitting in the walls. When we are out by the water, we move with cooks and service staff so that we will not go hungry in our hunt for the trout. The entire package is pervaded by high quality and all convenience.

Day 1. Thursday evening (Arrival)

Day 2. Friday (Fish Day)

Day 3. Saturday (Fish Day)

Day 4. Sunday (Hemfärd)

Trouthunt: 4 days (2 fishing days)
Number of participants: Minimum 4 pcs
Location and price: Sälenfjällen call or email for date

Included in price: Fishing license, Helicopter, Accommodation, Food and drink, Towels, Bed linen, Guide

Time: Contact us. We reorganize our activities in hunting and fishing. For latest news about which packages may be relevant during the current season, contact us.


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